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Silicone Utensils and Cookware - Everything you need to know!

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When you are using silicone cookware and utensils, you'll be happy to know that these products are easy to use, wash and are very durable.

It also allows you to add some color to your kitchen decor with... purple!


  1. Silicone pans and utensils are very easy to clean as food does not stick to them or baked on remnants are very easy to remove.
  2. Pan Preparation - While traditional bakeware must be greased or line with baking paper silicone pans don't need to be greased, but it is still a good idea to help the baked goods slip out more easily.
  3. Cleaning - Wash your silicone bakeware and utensils in warm soapy water by hand, but don't use any abrasive cleansers and pads to remove remnant.
  4. Some concern has been expressed about chemicals sometimes used as fillers and colors in cheaper grades of silicone bakeware and utensils.
  5. While silicone bakeware does not generally require rubbing with oil or butter, it is still a good idea to prevent sticking and making the baked goods much easier to remove.
  6. While the wonderful flexibility of silicone kitchen utensils and bakeware is often regarded as an asset, it also has disadvantage that many people find hard to get used to.
  7. However, despite their good looks, just how safe are silicone utensils and what are their advantages and disadvantages compared to utensils made from other materials.
  8. Similarly use of silicone utensils may often be a salmonella risk because people use them on raw chicken before cooking the food, rinse them off and then use the same utensils on the cooked chicken.
  9. Ensure the silicone goods you buy made from properly certified food-grade silicone with approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or similar body.
  10. including potholders, spatulas, whisks and many other utensils made of metal with silicone coatings.
  11. Silicone kitchen utensils do scratch, but it does not matter as it does not make them any harder to keep clean.
  12. Silicone bakeware and utensils are generally safe to use.
  13. Silicone utensils and bakeware can be washed in the dish washer.
  14. Silicone is also widely promoted as being as being inert and stable without any taste or odor.It does not cause any tainting odors or affect food quality provided it is not burnt by exceeding the maximum recommended temperature.
  15. This article reviews all of these questions in examining the pros and cons of silicone kitchen utensils and provides lots of tips for their use in the kitchen.
  16. Removal of Food from Silicone Pans - To remove cakes allow the silicone baking pan to cool for about 10 minutes.
  17. Silicone utensils and pans are also very prone to scratching and you need to look after them.
  18. There are many baking dishes for cakes, bread, muffins and other items made from flexible silicone.
  19. One of the big advantages of silicone kitchen utensils is their resistance to damage by heat.
  20. Silicone kitchen utensils are also very hard to stain and so they always look new with their vibrant colors.